I’m not questioning if They should be deported, I’m questioning if you’re a Christian

By: | Posted in: Uncategorized | Monday, May 15, 2017 - 2:49pm
Over the past week, I’ve seen 2 posts from in-your-face Christians on my Facebook feed boasting about how successful ICE has been at rounding up illegals.

I get it, you want undocumented people out of your country. I won’t make any case in opposition to that and, for purposes of this conversation, I’ll go so far as to say that you’re justified in wanting it.

But to gloat about it, to see it as a point of pride instead of, at the very best, a necessary evil is incomprehensible.

What would we think about someone who posted an article about how many stray cats were euthanized and in the comment gloated about what a bang-up job Animal Control was doing? How does this same criteria of decency not extend to humans, illegal or otherwise?

I know you sit in church every Sunday like a good Christian. I know you think you’re on God’s side and he’s on yours. And, despite your bravado, I know how utterly lost and scared you are by the world and by your inability to comprehend it and where it’s moving. But your fear comes with a house in the suburbs and food on your table. The people you gloat about being kicked out of your country – their fear comes with nothing but the faint hope that there is some corner of the world where there might be the slightest compassion for someone with nothing.

These people read your God’s book and believed it.

These people came to the place that claimed to be founded on your God’s words and teaching.

These people learned that you use your God as a puppet, a figurehead for what you actually worship.

I have no way of knowing if your God loves you, but I know you do not love your God. You love your fear. You serve your smallness. You are the mouth of Judas and the hand of Pilate. And you truly know not what you do and to whom you do it.


The pictures in the header are from The American Immigration Council and taken from this article (that I’d very much encourage you to read): 


P.S., before this gets interpreted as “life under Trump”, know that while it’s worse now, it’s certainly not new:
“Obama’s family detention camps were strongly condemned for their inhumane conditions, but Trump has arguably made the situation even worse. “There’s been a much stronger emphasis on making the asylum process stricter, detaining more people and keeping them in detention for longer periods of time,” said Katharina Obser, a senior program officer at the Women’s Refugee Commission.”