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Relationship and Community are central design elements in my life (and my work). Left to my own, free time invariably consists of going somewhere that’s got a legitimate local identity / community and just hanging out at coffee shops, bars, etc. and engaging with people.

So, please feel free to reach out and tell me about who you are and what you’re up to. I’m happy to respond, answer questions, share my recipe for a proper cup of coffee – whatever.

Clubhouse: @absurdwisdom

If you’re reaching out for mentoring / coaching, I’m open to the following for the foreseeable future:

  1. Individuals who are taking on breakthroughs that impact:
    • issues of economic justice / wealth inequality
    • immigrant rights, immigrant integration into American society and workforce, etc.
    • personal and job/career development for incarcerated youth and adults

  2. Individuals and systems that are working to develop leaders whose orientation is communal, long term, and with an emphasis on measures of health and wellbeing – versus individualistic, short term, and with an emphasis on measures of productivity and profitability.

  3. Human Development Practitioners (educators, organizational development professionals, therapists, parents) who are taking on a deep commitment to designing/redesigning their work in a way that has personal, interpersonal, and organizational health and wellbeing as a primary outcome – even when it conflicts with traditional measures of “productivity”.

Please note that, even within these three constraints, I can only work with 2-3 people at any given point (and, if I’m in the middle of a stage production, it’s 0-1 person). My priorities for this phase of my life are writing, teaching, acting, and photography. Between those four, and the day-to-day necessities of life, there is little time left available for coaching / mentoring folks outside of my organization. Which is to say: if I turn you down, it’s not a reflection of any kind of judgment that “you’re not worth working with”, but simply a matter of there being so limited time for this type of work at this particular phase of my life.