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What if, no matter how precisely you could explore and define them, your knowledge and skills and abilities and experiences weren’t enough to tell you
who you are and what your work in the world is?

What if your expertise, training and experience weren’t enough to be the critical factor in
your ability to make a difference with others?

What if the notion of independence was an illusion, if it were
not possible to be in the world as an isolated, fully separate individual?


Over the past 25+ years, I have been at work questioning the assumptions we have about our social, political and economic lives – and reframing them in such a way as to reclaim the creative, expressive, and wild edge of each individual human life. During that time,

I discovered that there is one core assumption, one overriding principle, that informs every aspect of our worldview.

And while this assumption has allowed us to see in such a way as to generate enormous value and progress, it has also created a blindspot that limits human potential and makes life in the 21st century enormously difficult.

The following brief video discusses this blindspot:


My work explores the implications of a Control, Predictability and Reliability frame of reference for life and work – but more importantly, my personal and professional commitment is focused on providing a fundamentally different, but complementary, frame of reference – one that is useful for those parts of human life that don’t benefit from control or predictability:

Creation & Innovation
Self-exploration & Self-expression
Relationship & Community

More specifically, everything I do is designed to support clients & students in what I have found to be the core areas of human development, which I call The Three Relationships:

Relationship with Self

Awareness of my habitual patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior. Clarity about my commitments both overall and in each area of my life and work. In any situation, the ability to choose thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that serve my commitments versus are manifestations of my patterns.

Relationship with Other

Awareness of my patterns of Listening & Speaking. Clarity about my commitments in each relationship. In any interaction, the ability to narrow or expand my fields of Listening & Speaking in a way that aligns with my commitment in that relationship.

Relationship with World

Awareness of the network of interdependencies and relationships that give rise to seemingly irrational or unproductive behavior in an organization, community, or group. Clarity about a system’s true purpose versus it’s stated purpose. Ability to design ‘systems viruses’ that disrupt and reshape an organization, community, or group.

About Me

I’m Co-founder and Principal of The Center for Leadership Studies & U of Next.

I serve on the faculty at the University of New Haven, Chicago Theological Seminary, and The Graduate Institute (where I am Academic Director & Lead Educator for the Master of Arts in Organizational & Social Leadership program).

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