The Facebook Privacy meme and other nonsense you distract yourself with…

By: | Posted in: Be Resource / Be Source | Tuesday, Sep 29, 2015 - 3:42pm

Now it’s official! It has been whispered by the wise for millennia. Life has just released the entry price: Courage and Commitment are the price to keep the state of your mind set to “free”. If you paste this message on your Facebook page, it will do nothing. If you embody it, it’s the proverbial keys to the kingdom. You must be accountable for all your words and all your actions. You must be source of your own experience. Whatever the changing conditions of the world, others, your finances, your health, your employment, the price of a cup of coffee, some stupid internet meme about privacy: you must be accountable for your experience of them. Even the events that you have tried to delete or not allow, you must be accountable for in terms of your experience of them. After all, it costs only your entire existence for a simple abdication of accountability and an “it’s beyond my control” interpretation of events.

Better unsafe and free than safe and in a cage. No TV News will ever talk about this. As of forever and for forever, I do not give Facebook or any entities associated with Facebook, or any effin’ thing or person on the mother-effin’ planet the accountability for my experience. By this statement, I give myself notice that I am strictly forbidden to be whipped around by the ever swirling seas of time and space and the passing events they bring into my life. I am strictly forbidden to assign ownership of my experience to any aspect of my past, present, or future. I accept that the price for being author of every aspect of my life is that I am *accountable for every aspect of my experience*. The content of this life is transparent and open, there is no part of myself I feel compelled to hide or protect (though I get that a little discretion in terms of what is front and center in how I present myself is appreciated by those around me in any given interaction).
My own willful violation of my inherent freedom and transparency has karmic ripples and will create my own future experience (Rig Veda 45-47, Krishnamurti vol XI p90, Galatians 6:7, and a shit-ton of others). NOTE TO SELF: You are a public entity. We see you in every context. No one is impressed, moved, or meaningfully impacted if you post this but then don’t live your life accordingly.

P.S., seriously, FB doesn’t give a crap about owning the intellectual property rights to the pictures of the amazing crab sandwich you had at that place your neighbor’s urologist said you HAD to stop at when you were in Tampa for the weekend. Look around, we are the most privileged cohort of humans THAT HAS EVER EXISTED. You’ll be dead soon, focus on what matters. Tick tock people. Tick effin’ tock.