The Weed Economy, Part 2

By: | Posted in: Industrial Era / Social Era | Thursday, Nov 21, 2013 - 4:06pm

Link: Using Bees to Detect Cancer

Imagine what the world will be in a 100 years, when we have fully re-membered our symbiotic relationship to everything around us. This is an aspect of how the world was before the primacy of hierarchy, specialization and authority that we have slowly lost since the emergence of writing: in relationship and connected as a dynamic web (versus in transaction and connected as a linear, causal thread).

This vision of re-membering our symbiotic relationship with all that is around us is part of what is possible if we are willing to reexamine our relationship to ‘weeds’. (Read The Weed Economy for context).


P.S., to both preempt comments based on reading into my statement things I did not intend and to provide further context:

a) I am not implying a ‘golden age’ in the past, simply a time when we saw ourselves not as isolated entities transacting with the people/things around us but as fundamentally related to all that is around us

b) I’m not implying that hierarchy, specialization and authority are new/recent phenomena for us as a species, they’re not at all. What is relatively new in the context of the 200k years our species has been on the planet is the absolute primacy of these elements above all else

c) Yes, I see this use of bees as symbiotic, not exploitive. The bees must be healthy and living in their natural state to be able to provide us with this ‘service’. We, in term, provide them with shelter and access to food. Symbiotic.

d) Yes, I believe this is where the (human) world is going, more connected and interdependent not just with each other but with our environment. It will not get there by happenstance, but by the committed action of individuals (which is why I does what I does with the people I does it with).