U of Next

In the 20th century, we manufactured reliable Experts…

Traditional education is about developing your expertise in some professional field by embedding in you the knowledge, skills, and attributes that every member of that field is supposed to have. It is a process of making, a process of manufacturing where you are the raw material and the desired finished product is an expert in topic X.

We are now at a place in the world where the development that is most critical to both our social and economic survival is the development of our humanness, the development of a deep and clear relationship with Self, Other, and System. This is a process of growing, of tending to the commitments that have an individual take accountability for things that extend beyond their immediate self-interest.

…in the 21st century, we must develop aware Humans.

U of Next provides development and community for human beings who are committed to creating the deep, sustainable relationships that are critical to our social and economic future.


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